Antique Book Values

Antique Book Values - The bibliophiles know that criteria which determine the value of a book came from various orders. There is initially the interest, the rarity of the text and the edition, then the beauty of the binding and the illustrations, finally the notoriety of the former owners, without forgetting the state of conservation. Each copy being often unique, nothing is more difficult than to evaluate the value of a book. Obviously, more the book will be personalized like for example inside a dedication of the author, or from the known owner, or a nice binding made by a book binder artist, more its value will be important. The more a book is rare, and more its price will have an high fluctuation. in reverse, a book that copies circulate regularly will have always a stable price. To have idea of an Antique Book Value that you possessed, you can go to a bookseller library to obtain more information and a more precise estimate of your Antique Book.

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Bogdan Nemes said...

Here are my books, if you’re interested. :)
I’ll give you the link to the INCUNABULA label, but there are plenty more 16,17 and 18th century :) under the right labels.

I also have the library pictures – over 6000 old books :) I think it is worth seeing…