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Have you ever heard about Bartering Websites? Well, they are really popular right now. Bartering websites started about a decade ago, but with these hard economic times that hitting our country these days, bartering websites are on rise. Indeed people turning to these kinds of sites to save money by doing a something that have been done by humankind since the beginning of times! When you start bartering you are hook! It can be a great hobby or a great way to save money. A DVD for DVD, a Book for a Book, Videogames for Videogames... I’ve even heard on this recession time a house for house! If you have a lot of stuff in the basement that you even use, why not give it a try, you’ll be surprise what people are able to exchange for your old stuff! Their a few sites that give this service and make it so easy! (See the list at the bottom) is one of them, the website is free to use, and you’re only responsible for the shipping. Moreover on these kinds of website, if you have special skills, you can even trade services. Indeed they have registered Lawyers, Cooks, Dog trainers and everything in between... recently a guy traded to redecorate an office in exchange of building a website. Here’s a list of trading website offering this service that surely make it easier to practice this ancient way of bargaining - barter trade exchange:,,,


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Nice list of bartering sites... here's another to add to the list.

Happy Holidays!

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