The Mobile Phone Era

Not too long ago, the world had settled for using letter pads, postcards, stamps and envelopes - That's almost history! . Right after in the 90’s, the internet came to be and then people could breathe easy and use e-mail for communication. However, long before this, in 1973 in fact, a man named Martin Cooper was hard at work to start up the mobile phone era.

He released the Motorola Dynatac which was a 16-pound ‘brick-like’ phone that could only make and receive calls and did not even have a screen. As time went by, the phone got smaller and came with screen so as to enable the caller ID feature. Not too long after, the era of SMS set in and the screens began to make more sense. Soon, many companies like Siemens, Nokia, Samsung, Alcatel and many others joined Motorola in the mobile phone era venture.

Soon, color-screen phones, polyphonic ringtones and 2G networks came into play. This meant that your phone did not have that same annoying ringtone and that you could now store pictures and the more then advanced polyphonic ringtones. Soon, cameras, radios, MP3 players and other features started fitting into phones weighing grams and very few millimeters in dimension. This meant that one could now personalize their phone to fit their personality.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and the mobile phone era has taken a turn for the better. Many people cannot leave home without their phones, some do not even need computers as their phones have the power of the internet crammed in it and younger and younger people now own phones. One can locate their family and friends using GPS software, send large documents and information in seconds to as many people as possible and they have also been used for entertainment value as Smartphones like the iPhone and some new age Nokia phones can be plugged into a music system and the music stored can be enjoyed by many. And now for all online antique dealer and auction they also came out recently with a Auctions mobile phone applications or Antique Dealer Mobile apps

With such power, however, a number of people have begun abusing the mobile phone. For instance, one can create any software and some people have created programs that can take information like messages and personal photos from other people’s phones without permission. Sometimes using the GPS tracking software is an invasion of privacy as one can find someone who did not wish to be located as long as their phones are on. Either way, mobile phones have done more good than harm, and to think it has only been 37 years since it came to be.

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