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www.pbs.org/roadshow - The Antique RoadShow Ticket Checker is a very useful online tool that helps you check and see if the ticket or tickets you have are still valid and when the shows for those tickets will take place. Of course, this can be done by the phone as well, but it takes a bit more time for that.

The Antique RoadShow Ticket Checker is available online at all times and gets you accurate and fast results. You can also use the Antique RoadShow Ticket Checker to see if you have been selected to receive a pair of tickets to one of the shows in the near future. In order to have a chance at receiving tickets you can apply online or by postcard. However, if you apply by postcard there is no way to confirm if you got the tickets prior to actually receiving them in the mail box - www.pbs.org/roadshow

The Antique RoadShow Ticket Checker is really simple to use. All you need is the e-mail address that you used to apply for a pair of tickets or the application number that you received. Enter this number in the box and click on submit. After the page loads again you will find out if you received the tickets or not. If you didn’t get the tickets don’t worry because there many more chances to win just remember that you will need to re-apply at some point. You will know that you need to re-apply for the tickets because you will receive an e-mail with the information that you did not receive the tickets and can apply again.

So, if you like the Antique RoadShow and you want to see one, make sure that you use the online Antique RoadShow Ticket Checker to see if you were one of the lucky applicants.

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