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Everyone knows that art was one of the first ways to express feelings and to tell stories. Even several thousand years ago, the Egyptians told stories of their lives through their sculptures and drawings that can be seen even today. The History of Art is as long and as filled with impressive pieces as the History of the World.

The History of Art contains every work of art that you have ever heard of. The problem is a lot of people confuse art and believe that it is limited to sculptures and paintings. Music, in its’ renaissance form, is also art. Well, yes, when you think about the music we hear today at the radio the idea of art is definitely spoiled. The great ones, like Beethoven and Mozart are the best examples towards this.

The History of Art, unfortunately, is not very well known today, but there are still people interested in art and knowing more about it than Leonardo’s Mona Lisa. Speaking of which, you should know that the world wide market for art works of all kinds amounts to over 18 billion dollars per year. When compared to other markets, it is a really important one and it also shows that there are still people interested in collecting and preserving valuable pieces of art.

Remember, it would take thousands of pages to tell you everything about the History of Art. If you are interested in knowing more, you can certainly purchase books that discuss the subject or find more information online. It would be an inspire investment of your time since the origins of art are what define us today, as human beings. You can really learn a lot about yourself and life in general by studying the history of art. Remember, the best part of art is that anyone has access to it.

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